About us

Who is Noural?

Noural is a leading national and international company that specializes in the production of aluminum profiles with the latest methods and designs. Noural was established in 2009 by a group of specialists and experts in the field of manufacturing and trading of building materials.

Company History

In 2009 Noural Aluminum Extrusion LLC was formed in Damascus, Syria.
During 2010, the factory was equipped with the latest machinery and
technologies which was tested and installed during 2011. Early 2012, the
first billet was successfully extruded, first profile was anodized and mass
production was introduced to the markets with the higher international

Our Objectives

Noural is committed to meet the requirements of its customers by providing products with the latest international specifications to fulfill all needs. Noural is dedicated to the continuous development of its production line and factories, which reflects their excellence in the labor market. The company finds that having knowledge of clients’ needs and expectations and acting accordingly is of extreme importance. It gives customers a sense of mutual trust and comfort, along with ensuring mutual interest and
satisfaction among all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Noural maintains a significant investment in production development and focuses its activities on providing products that meet international standards in terms of performance, quality and hardness; the thing that has helped us become the market’s pioneer designer, manufacturer and distributor of aluminum extrusions, such as having the capability of producing molds in different shapes in a way that meets all customers’ needs and tastes.

Our commitment

Noural is determined to have a leading role in supporting, developing and improving the production of aluminum profiles meeting international standards and specifications by developing aluminum systems to achieve a state-of-the-art quality system. In addition to the ongoing efforts to support the reconstruction phase, the company also implements and develops mechanisms to protect local production and to sustain its effective role in finding employment and investment opportunities with local expertise; along with supporting and promoting exports to serve the objectives of economic growth.