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Noural is a leading national and international company that specializes in the production of aluminum profiles with the latest methods and designs. Noural was established in 2009 by a group of specialists and experts in the field of manufacturing and trading of building materials.

Energy Capacity in Noural

/ 6,000/Aluminum Extrusion parts:
/ No. /Anodized Aluminum parts:
/ No. /Powder Coated Aluminum Profiles
/ No. /Parts Produced from Wooden Department
Aluminum profiles with thermal break designs / No. /
Annual Revenues No.

Management in Noural

Our stuff in Noural is a hard-work professional group that is divided into
/300/ labourer and /50/ administrative and engineers.

Noural factory is located in the Industrial City of Adra with a distance of
/26,200/ square meters that includes three hangars with a distance of
/8,000/ square meters for each; In addition to the administration building
with a distance of /1,200/ square meter.

Key Suppliers

Our Process

Production process in Noural consists of several stages and phases which totally comply with the latest international specifications of manufacturing aluminum rods; starting with aluminum parts extrusion, anodizing and coloring, till having it delivered to the markets.

  • Extrusion Section
  • Anodizing Section
  • Powder Coating
  • Wooden Department
  • Packaging Stage

This section is fully-equipped with Italian handling system manufactured by “PRESSEZI”; the system is consisting of developed heating furnaces by the Italian brand “COFI”, a double puller with a 58-meter long run out table, a tightening system by the Italian company “OMVA”. In addition to the saw, the transfer and cooling table, the electrical mold furnace with production capacity of more than 120 molds; besides the hardening and homogenization furnace.

The aluminum parts are towed at a capacity of /1,800/ tons and measured at /7/ inches. The materials used in the production process are raw materials imported from “Dubal Dubai” and “Egyptalum” which supply the aluminum mixture /6063/ meeting the international specifications that provides high quality surface for the aluminum profiles with excellent hardness besides other essential features in the aluminum rods industry.

This department is mainly equipped with European-made machines and German coloring materials from (METACHEM). The section includes 26 Polypropylene (PP), which is manufactured by PROMETAL (Turkish) and SIMONA (German). In additions to Anodized converters by the Italian brand ELCA, cooling units by McQuay, a pipeline network by the Swiss brand Georg Fischer and chemical pumps from ARBO (Dutch) and RUWU (German).

The company follows the international standards for setting the tanks chemically and thermally; in addition to have the ability to adjust the thickness of the oxidation layer in accordance with the customer’s request. Knowing that the company uses the German method in aluminum bars isolation either chemically (cold isolation) using fluorine, nickel and aluminum oxide, or physically (hot isolation) by hot water.

This department is fully supplied with machines from international companies like Euroimpianti (Italy), and powder coating centers from ITWGema (Switzerland).

Powder coating process is proceeded by a treatment phase for the aluminum profiles which helps in giving the surfaces stronger powder firmness in order to achieve the stability and durability of the color for a long time. The process of coloring is performed using the Electrostatic technique with materials produced by the International German company (AkzoNobel). All the colors are produced depending on the customers’ wish, including the color of wood.

After that, our specialized staff works on examining the shining and thickness of the powder layer of the aluminum parts to set the heat and the time accordingly as to achieve high quality thickness and coverage at minimum of 70 microns.

Noural has a specialized department to produce this color basing on modern equipment and films produced by the Italian companyIDK. The Wooden Department is considered a unique section that is characterized by its high-quality production, in which the colors of wood are produced in all its degrees.

Noural ensures to deliver its products to the customers in a perfect state by providing all the facilities that comply with highest standards and ensure the protection of the profiles.

In addition to the aforesaid, Noural is equipped with other European machines that contribute in supporting production process. Such as Overhead Bridge Crane Systems which is produced by the Italian company (OMIS), compressors produced by the German company (KAESAR), transformers of capacity / 5,000 / kVA and / 1,300 / kVA produced by Italian GenSetPerin and MTU Engines -Germany. Likewise, there is the warehouse department, load and weight dept., maintenance and repair dept.; however, Noural is also working on expanding the factory to new departments in the near future.

Water Treatment Plants:

Noural follows an environment-friendly mechanism, where treatment process is done through three plants that treat and deposit water, reducing sediment and transporting it through special filters. All waste water discharged from the plant is usable in agriculture.

Pre-Treatment Plant: this station can provide pure water for the process of production within Noural, which is considered economical stations where only (35.30%) is wasted during the production process.
Demi Plant: To remove electrolytes and mineral salts in addition to remove chemical reactions.
Waste water treatment plant: Works on treating and reducing sediment and deposition of salts present in water through a compressor filter, which leads to the production of water that can be used in agriculture.
Knowing that all treatment plants are of Italian origin, protecno brand.

Quality Policy

Noural believes that its customers’ trust is the base of its success and development; thus, we, in Noural, ensure to produce aluminum rods meeting international quality standards in addition to the special specifications that are required by customers in terms of thickness, engineering designing, and color; and that’s done by depending 100% on raw materials in production process without any use of reproduced melted aluminum.

Quality examination process is carried out on all produced rods and profiles in terms of isolation, resistance, color, durability and non-leakage of air and water, using European machines and tools in all manufacturing stages. Thus, our quality examination team conducts periodic inspection on the aluminum parts such as coloring and powder testing (bending, dropping, scratching), in addition to blue stain testing knowing that all these procedures are made under the supervision of specialist experts.

Accredited Customers

Samer Taha Trading Co – Syria
Abdul Karim Qattan Company – Aleppo – Syria
Fady Habib Company – Lattakia – Syria
Raed Saleh Company – Tartous – Syria
Wael Al Assaad Company – Al Suwaida – Syria
George Malaab Company – Beirut – Lebanon
Al – Dasouki Company (Al – Manara) – Damascus countryside – Syria
Marwan Farouh Company – Hama – Syria
Iyad Mikael Company Safita – Tartous – Syria
Ghandour for Plastic Industries Company – Damascus countryside – Syria
Al Rayyan for Plastic Industries Company – Al Suwaida – Syria
Hossam Awad – Idlib – Syria
Muaath al-Rayes – Hama – Syria